The Money Doctors Tips



 Maria Rebollar 'AKA" the Money Doctor also known as the Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman of Latinos, is a motivational, public speaker, T.V show and radio personality. With over 20 year Real Estate and Mortgage Loan Originator background and a 7 year history in the financial services industry Maria's message is to help eliminate financial cancer in the U.S.A.

As your realtor, assisting with your 1st home purchase, your 1st real estate flip property. Maria can assist you with obtaining 100% closing cost programs and the reimbursement for the cost for repairs utilizing private money AKA "hard money". Maria can also assist you with a personal financial strategy to see if you and your family have the right retirement vehicle or to better prepare you for your golden years. If your a young adult and would like to learn about investing Maria can teach you threw her workshops "Finance 101". Where you will learn the fundamentals of fiances. You may also attend free seminars and workshops to help you go from good to great in the area so very near and dear to everyone "your wallet". Maria is "your money Doctor".

Many of her workshops have been provided in local colleges and State Universities such as San Jacinto College, Houston Community College and the University of Houston. Financial workshops have also been held at local churches, corporations and high schools. Call, attend or book your free financial workshop on how to accumulate wealth, real estate investor seminars, understanding hard money, improving your credit score without having to pay anyone, wealth preservation, debt management and much more.

My belief is "financial education 1st" then the products sell themselves because the best type of consumer is an informed consumer! My name is Maria Rebollar and I approve of this message.